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We hire and deploy reliable and quality, local workers to businesses.

All recruitment processes are governed by Li Ann Empowerment’s Code of Ethics and Business conduct.

Establish Legal requirements & EICC/RBA labor code conformance listing in each recruitment drive.

Exercises diligent/risk assessment procedure at the employer – service provider & client-side

Establish Transparency & Equal Access to Information to the jobseekers/ workers.


Li Ann Empowerment’s payroll and HR services are experienced in managing our clients’ HR processes.

Our services allow our clients’ operation efficiency and data management to be increased. Our services include:

  • Process and reconcile payroll, prepare monthly payroll, issue payslips, prepare direct credit of salary.

  • Employer registration with relevant authorities e.g. EPF, SOCSO, etc

  • Government statutory requirements of EPF, SOCSO, tax calculation and submission

  • Application for individual income tax file number

  • Processing and preparation of annual payroll register

  • Executes bi-weekly pay


All drivers are screened and all vehicles are maintained properly.

With 80% of the vehicles are of less than 10 years of age and below.
Properly maintained and service in accordance to maintenance schedule.

All drivers had gone through strict selection process before being deployed on field and are screened for:

  • Personal Identity Screening (JPN)

  • Criminal Record Screening

  • Malaysia Anti-corruption Commission Screening (MACC)

  • Driving Violation / Arrest Record Screening


Aims to house its employees in a systematic manner for their well-being
and safety.

Li Ann Empowerment owns hostels in different parts of Penang. All accommodations are well furnished with clean and proper amenities provided. The hostels strategically located as they are close to eateries, grocery stores, banks, laundromats, and post offices. Therefore, it’s workers are able to live in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.


Li Ann Empowerment provides comprehensive briefings and training to help workers obtain a better understanding of the work culture in the client company environment.

These trainings help workers with a smoother entry into the client company by providing them with the information they require to get started. During these trainings, our goals are to create a positive atmosphere, address any job and welfare concerns and increase knowledge on the client company.


Li Ann Management fully recognizes the importance of human resources development in this competitive service industry. To remain competitive and efficient all the existing staff have been appropriately trained.

It is also our Management’s intention to supervise on-site and provide assistance at all times. Qualified training consultants have been engaged to ensure accurate information and helpful guidance are accessible 24/7 as indicated above.

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